Run rabbit run

 One  evening in August I was out for a run and I noticed this poster.



It was just five minutes away from my flat so I called them up when I returned from my walk. The running group is run by Amanda and Andy from TTS personal services. They were just about to get married and go off on their honeymoon and told me that the group would recommence on the 4th September.
So, Sunday morning found me running around my old haunts and routes with a new bunch of people.  I managed 4.95 km in 39 minutes, not bad for me.  It was very motivating to run as a group, although I did find running and talking a challenge!


I then joined them for an impromptu training session in the park behind my flat. It somehow remind me of sports day or ‘we are the champions’. It was fun but exhausting! Sneaking a lot at my fitbit watch I noticed that I managed to burn over 1000 calories in that 2 hour time frame. I guess this explained why when I got home I collapsed on the sofa and slept for an hour. But not before I made myself a breakfast of scrambled eggs and sardines and another banana and peanut butter smoothie.

I am looking forward to the next group run. In the meantime I have continued with the running after work in the evenings.  This was last Tuesday evening. 

It’s enjoyable and very satisfying. Let’s see how far I get with this.


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