labouring under a misapprehension

Should I delete my Facebook account?

Here I am minding my own business when my sister calls me to question why I have uploaded an album of baby shower pictures to Facebook. She seems to think that I have made the whole album public for the whole world to see. I of course have done no such thing. It is shared with only immediate family and friends that attended the baby shower. I had selected all the pictures carefully so that everybody looked their best  and reflected the nice time that we all spent together. However my sisters response was “well that fine for now but when my baby is born I don’t want any pictures on Facebook” . Fine. No problems. But then she went on a tirade about the dangers of Faceobook and leaving a digital footprint and things that can never be deleted. And the safety of her children and her “maternal instinct”. She then went on to say that she had snooped on the other accounts of previous acquaintances and felt respect for them because they did not have any pictures of thiet children and the friend that she did see whose pictures of her child she did see “just didn’t care”. She went on to tell me of the dangers children will be in if other people saw their pictures. 
It just left me a bit flabbergasted and confused really. I will of course not be posting pictures of her baby on Facebook. 

But what I don’t understand is why people are so paranoid. There are many many evils in this terrible world but I am not sure that Facebook is one of them. I myself am very mindful of what I do post – much of it is pictures of food. It is rare that I will read an article that I think is worth sharing. I long ago stopped making up Faceobook albums – preferring to share them on the iCloud or Google plus. Much of time I scroll through myFacebook feed amusing wondering “I wonder what the world and my friends are sharing today?”

Anyway the end result of the phone call was that my sister made me feel like a complete tool, I deleted the album and now I have deleted the Facebook app from my phone and logged out of my Facebook account on my search page. I am not quite sure why I have done these things.   It was my immediate response to feeling judged and hurt. 

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