labouring under a misapprehension

Build bridges not walls, the Brexit aftermath

So Brexit has happened.

We have entered a mini maelstrom…


  1. David Cameron has resigned
  2. The Labour party have passed a motion of no confidence in their leader Jeremy Corbyn
  3. Hilary Benn has been sacked by Jeremy Corbyn
  4. 10 members of the shadow government have resigned
  5. the value of the pound dropped temporarily after the Brexit result was announced
  6. The promises of the Leave campaign are being shown to be false


We have now been placed into a situation where the worst elements of our society feel their hateful opinions justified by being in the “majority”.

This referendum shouldn’t have been called without a negotiated deal on the table for all to see.

None of us, given the current model of democracy and level of sociopolitical engagement, should have been voting on this. In or out it’s not a decision we’re qualified to make.

In medicine what we generally do is present the facts and options to a patient so that they can make a decision on how to proceed. There is a degree of trust that those facts and options are correct. In this case the facts and options were misrepresented so hugely that as a nation we didn’t have a chance to make an informed decision. I don’t think we shouldn’t be allowed to make big decisions at all, but we should be entitled to be told the truth in a more balanced way


Build bridges not walls

So we are almost a week into the rubble and chaos that is is the Brexit aftermath. Who would have thought that people could be so…

So let me be clear – I voted to REMAIN. I can tell you that I did not really know what I was voting for but I was not convinced that the UK had to be removed and rescued from ‘Europe’. I was not aware that anything had changed recently that required my urgent attention and scrutiny. I also did not quite believe everything that I heard from both sides of the equation. I was not quite even sure of these ‘reforms’ that needed to be made. I did not even know what David Cameron went to Europe for and apparently left empty handed. I could not have told you the names of the three presidents of the EU. I could not have told you what current EU laws that I was living under that needed immediate change.

But what I was increasingly aware of , was that the people asking me to REMAIN tended to be ‘captains of industry’, big business owner (tax exiles included) and major league politicians and world leaders. All whom made me very suspicious but also made me wonder that perhaps leaving the EU now was not the best plan for Britain. The face of the  LEAVE campaign made me even more suspicious. One face in particular makes me feel nauseous to the gills. As the time drew closer read many FACT check articles about the EU and came to the conclusion that despite its apparent faults membership of the EU was not something to be abandoned, tossed away without further careful examination and careful consideration. So I went to my ballot box and voted to remain in the EU on the basis that by being in something there was a much better change of changing and influencing things that being on the outside. In this current global climate I had no sense of the U.K forging ahead independently still remaining the great power that it once was. Neither, on the hand, did I get the sense that the UK was a downtrodden, beaten country shackled to the cruel mistress of Europe. I had a very clear sense that whatever monies either party thought we would be saving or making was very unlikely to be channelled to the people that really needed it.

I was also becoming increasingly aware of the xenophobic and jingoistic tones of the LEAVE campaign and the lack of challenge to this approach – on both sides. This is for me the things that riles me about the whole thing. In my heart of hearts the UK leaving the Europe is a punch to the stomach but I think the country will stay afloat. It has more going for it than not and we are not the northern hemisphere backwater that some might claim it is. However I do not like what I am hearing and seeing . It makes me feel sick. I hope that as a nation we can heal and move on in a cohesive way. However, it has revealed that whether we like it or not we live in a divided society. The gaps, the differences, the inequalities are now out for all to see. If we had chosen to ignore this before- it is all out there for all to see now. Politicians were always fans of saying “lessons will be learnt” but clearly they do not. Despite their best intentions – they seem far removed from the everyday lives of the majority of people.

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