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Day 11: A cup of coffee

So it is Wednesday evening, I have just returned home from my Spanish class, estoy muy cansada y tengo sueño. My husband is surfing the internet or doing something on his tablet.

I am also very hungry (tengo mucho hambre) so my update over coffee on ‘day 11’ becomes update with a bowl of rice crispies.

What’s new…?

I started a new blog! Yes, I know. This one is all about my work related dramas and is linked to a corresponding Facebook page where I hope to share relevant information about paediatric neurodisability which is the field that I specialise in. I  have only written a few posts and it is still rather embryonicI think I was slightly inspired by one my colleagues that has done something similar, although mine is much more about my personal experience of work. I have done similar work related blogs in the past on autism but they have not been well maintained and currently seem to have grinded to a halt. But I may well resurrect them to their former glory.

Our wedding photographs have arrived – all 1000 and something of them. We now have the task of sifting through them and choosing the final ones for the photo album.

We are up to picture 826 and it is a really pleasant reminder of the day.


My Spanish classes for the summer term are coming to an end. I have learnt how to talk about the past and the future this year. I have reserved a place for the a place for the autumn term and I am looking forward to it. I still am not able to have a conversation in Spanish with my husband (who speaks English and Spanish) but I can stumble my way through an exchange with my mother-in-law (who speaks mostly Spanish).


And finally…

the NutriBullet  that we were given as wedding present has been getting it’s full use.

At the beginning of this year I was very much into the whole smoothie and juice thing but for some reason I got very sick of it. Now my appetite for the green stuff has returned with full force.


I keep going even though sometimes the result is not the most attractive looking beverage!


That’s all folks – until the next time.

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