Everyday Inspiration

Day 10: set the scene

I am standing on the corner of Cecil Court, waiting for my husband to join me for a quick bite to eat before we head the the cinema. Yes, it’s that time of the week and we are using our Cineworld card power and escaping from reality for a few hours.

I am standing in front of Chipotle which at the moment seems uncharacteristically busy. The queue is stretching out the door and head by a line of four police officers. It sure does make an interesting sight. I guess that is why people are taking pictures on their phone as they walk by. Everybody except me that it is! I decided to take a picture of of a view down the street where people appear to be gathering around a lone musician outside an antique shop. I do not know what the occasion is but I see a crowd of well dressed men and women, drinking and chatting in the late evening sun.

And there I stand pondering the mysteries of life until my sweet husband arrived and we head inside for our chicken burritos.


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