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I am currently recovering from a nasty viral illness that had left me bed bound for 2 days. I guess I had a mild form of ‘flu. It started on Saturday morning – I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a train. I needed to travel to south coast to take care of some family business but I could not quite get my body to move out of the bed. However at one o’clock in the afternoon – after a shower and a melted cheese sandwich I managed to drag myself into my little car and race across the country on the M25 and various A roads.

Hours later I bought back this table.

It is probably as old as I am.


I sit and look at the table and I am reminded of my childhood



It was lovely. I was a much loved child and much photographed! I look back on that time with fondness and sentimentality.Of course I probably do not remember this part of it.

Why am I so fixated with the table? I am not sure – it just reminds me of that innocent time. I know better than to try and pour all my feelings into a table but – well I am a sentimental old fool! My husband of course does not like the table but he does not know it’s history. I have told him it stays until we buy another one…


2 thoughts on “Table

  1. Gostei. Suas lembranças me faz voltar voltar á minha infância, Bem, foi só o período que morei com a minha avó, tias e primos.Lembro que me colocavam embaixo da mesa fazendo não sei o que para minha tia chegar rápido. E não é que ela chegava? Acontecia sempre que ela estava atrasada para o jantar ou almoço.Bons tempos.

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