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Day 8: Reinvent the letter format

An open letter to my Kindle

Dear Kindle

I wanted to start by saying that the times that we have had together have been fun. We have travelled the world together, well – France, Italy and Spain. You have accompanied me to the beaches and the mountains. You have kept me sane on countless Tube and car journeys  but it is now time to say good-bye.

I am so sorry…

But I need to hold and read a proper book. My husband would probably cry if I told him of my plans (well that is perhaps an exaggeration) but he would be very disappointed. I bought him a Kindle for his birthday in the second year that we met and he has not looked back. He loves his Kindle. So much so that it was infectious and I later bought myself a Kindle. My husband and I share books on the Kindle and I read his books (e.g. The Name of the Wind) but he unfortunately has no interest in mine! This of course is not reason why I am changing my reading habits. I am slightly mourning over the loss of the experience of choosing, buying and reading a real paper book. I have long ago stopped going to the library – I was rubbish at returning and/or renewing my books on time therefore amassed the most ridiculous and shameful fines. I am mostly too busy to have the time go go to a bookstore.

Dear Kindle, things are going to change. I will read all the books that I have bought on my Kindle so far but after that, the next book I am going to purchase I am going to feel and smell. I am looking forward to the dizzying notes of the pages of a new book. I am looking forward to browsing the bookshelves, sitting down on a comfortable chair and losing myself in another story. I have nothing against you Kindle and as you can see I am totally buying into the whole bookstore experience but I have missed it! I will gladly admit that buying books on Amazon was so simple – one-click and it is done and dusted but it is a rather soulless experience. Maybe Kindle you have fallen foul of my attempt to simplify my life with a ‘less is more’ theme.

Don’t worry Kindle – you will still accompany me on trips of more that a week away (I cannot pack that many books in my suitcase!) so I still appreciate your value. However our relationship will change but only for the the good!

Lots of love




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