Everyday Inspiration

Day 7 : Let Social Media Inspire You

I guess there are different types of knowledge…


That which you learn from books and that which comes from real life and they both complement each other. I studied for 6 years at medical school. I graduated and became a doctor and then the real learning began. The real learning was how to apply those endless pages of lecture notes on the heart to the 87 year old man that I have been called to see at 4am. How to apply all that knowledge when I am  the second to arrive at a cardiac arrest and I find the nurse is panicking and the relatives are screaming. Those things I learnt in my first year as a house officer. Then you learn as time goes on that our knowledge as medics is only part of the answer. We are constantly rethinking and reviewing received wisdom. It keeps us on our toes and keeps and open mind. But you have to keep studying to be able to constantly reflect on what you are learning.

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