Everyday Inspiration

Day 6: The space to write

I write wherever and whenever I can.

My PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. As long as I have fingers and keyboard I shall keep writing. I write when I wake up in the morning and just before I go to bed at night. I write on the tube on the way to work and on the tube on the way home. I write in my lunch breaks and I write while standing in queues. I write while cooking dinner, watching a film or talking on the phone. I write when I ill in bed. I am a multi-tasker.

However I would truly prefer not to do this…

My idea of perfection is just me, my laptop my camera and a cup of hot sweet tea. The ideal time is first thing in the morning when everybody is asleep – the sun is coming up and the day is just starting. That of course would require that I organise the rest of my life so that I could get up in the morning an move at a serene pace, write, sip tea and still get to work on time. At the moment – I am not in that place!

So I am not sure about the physiological and biological reason for this ant’s actions/inability to move; I am also a bit dubious about the ethics of this. However I use it to illustrate a point to myself that – perhaps I am the only one placing barriers around myself stopping me from doing the things that I could and should be doing.





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