Bread and butter



Music – used to be a very big part of my life when I was growing up. The radio was always tuned into the music stations of Capital FM , Radio One or Virgin Radio.

I still have a huge collection of tapes from those glory days.

Every track has memory for me. This particular set of tapes takes me back to being a medical student just over 20 years ago. I worked hard and music was a cool accompiament. My father was always suprised that music was not more of a distraction. However my track record with my GCSEs and ‘A’ levels had proved I knew myself and my abilities pretty well. So unlike other things that might have been banned while I was studying and living at home, I was allowed my music.

Now of course I cannot listen to these songs again in this format. My tape machine is consigned to the garage and was chewing up tapes the last time that I used it. I can listen on the iPod but it’s not quite the same. Anyone who has lovingly and carefully constructed a compliation tape will know this.

So for now these tapes will remain in a box under my bed and the memories in my head!


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