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Wedding fair

I was offered two free tickets to the wedding fair – so I went along. I had already been in October last year looking at wedding dresses and wedding cakes. However I love walking around exhibitions to it did not take much persuasion to get me out of the house on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


So it turns out that we have pretty much planned everything for the wedding – there is still much to do – but nothing in the UK. I have a list of things to organise and buy but nothing that I could find at a wedding fair. So there was little of relevance to me today but if not relevant, it was pretty and photogenic!


I thought these cakes were different and I really wanted a slice of all them!


We are planning for daisies and hyacinths at our own wedding so I was interested in looking at these combinations.

Then a random selections of people and things…


And it was then all over. I left with a few beauty products and a spring in my step.




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