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One of the most pleasant memories that I have, are from our trip to Japan three years ago.

It was perhaps the most interesting and exciting trip that I have been on in my life. I have such fond memories of the place. I try my hardest not to have that wistful longing but it is very difficult. It was such a special time.

I had only been with my now husband for a year and it was out first foreign trip away together. We had not even travelled to Spain, his native country yet here we were planning a trip to the other side of the world. Even the planning was exciting, borrowing books from the library on Japan and then spending hours in my dining room, or his room or the park sketching out our itinerary. He was meticulous in putting everything on his phone, sheets of paper and on Google maps.The planning paid off though and we had a smooth journey and many mini adventures.

Arriving in Japan

Japan Rail Pass

Tea in the Temple

The Land of the Rising Sun

Above the clouds

Green Tea ice-cream in Kyoto



I cannot think of anything that I did not like during that trip. We spent 6 days in Japan visiting Tokyo and Kyoto. I loved the food – it triggered my love of sushi and sashimi. The weather was perfect. I loved the contrast of modern technology in the city and traditional structures in the more rural areas. The people were absolutely lovely and the ones that we did interact with found us an interesting pair! We seemed to say “arigato” (thank you) and awful lot! I loved being on the bullet train/ Shinkansen and the public railways – people were so polite. I loved the shrines and temples that we would regularly come across as we walked down the streets.


We have always said that we will go back to Japan, spend more time there and explore all the places that we did not have time for on that first visit. In retrospect it was a very short time to spend in a place so far away. We shall see what the future holds.


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