Morning indulgence…

It is unusual for me to rise before noon on an annual leave day, such is my life as a ‘person without children’ (I reference my friends here, that only dream about life without a five am wake up call). However I am dragged into the real world and CPD points need counting and collecting, reflective experiences need recalling and our wedding needs planning.

I am tired – am I know I should not complain because there are bigger problems in the world! I was up until 6am on Tuesday morning trying to update my portfolio. Then woke up two hours later to run some errands both near and far. Last night was also a late one. Both of us filling in the wedding questionnaire and thinking about our vows. This morning again woken up by mother calling me to take her to work and then more errands and in between updating my RCPCH CPD diary.

However the past two days have started with a ‘luxurious’ tea and croissant breakfast at Lily’s Indulgence on the high street. The last time I went there was about 3 years ago when I was recovering from some surgery. It is a nice quiet place to hideaway in and map out the rest of the day. Or people watch as I am more apt to do! It was just nice to have the time to stop and relax. A real indulgence.

Despite the tiredness – I have found, unsurprisingly that I am more productive when I have woken up earlier. My mind is at it’s freshest between about 8 and 10. Strangely enough I also find that I think better when I am away from home. A strange phenomenon that I do not understand. It has been that way since my ‘A’ level and university days – I would get so much more work done in the library than at home. Anyway another day closes and my annual leave draws to a close. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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