Easter Monday

Easter Monday finds me driving 20 miles to see one of my best friends (and also my matron of honour). I had a very pleasant afternoon – treated to some spaghetti and meatballs and a delicious homemade caramel cream. I had brought along some Jamaican honey bun. This is traditionally eaten at Easter with cheese. Interesting combination…

My friend’s two sons insisted on playing Monday. Me against the 10 year old and the 5 year old acting as dice (die) roller for me. The game was over in less than an hour…

My strategy of buying every property that I landed on did not seem to pay off. My young opponent did not land on any of my properties and when I landed on Super Tax it was all over for me!

Wedding plans of course dominate the conversation and activities and this afternoon we concentrated on make-up. I am naive to the whole thing and I have now been slowly introduced to the world of foundation, eye shadow blending, contouring and lip liner. It is bewildering for somebody who is generally used to washing her face and putting on Nivea cream and heading out into the day. However it is also fun and an eye opening experience.

make up brushes

And so life rolls on and another day endeth.


lucky cat - wedding gift from Anne
Our second wedding gift – a lucky Chinese cat.

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