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Blogging the Senses

Music was a big part of my childhood, that which I was exposed to at home and school and later on my own sweet discoveries. i have just stumbled across the weekly wordpress challenge and I thought I might use it to share some the tunes that tickled my eardrums when I was a little pipsqueak…


Music lesson

For three years twice a week we had a music lesson with a grey haired teacher with constant sweat patches under his armpits. He would teach us the history of music in the Western world – Europe and America. We would sit bolt up right in our brown plastic chairs and listen while he talked and played music for an hour. Sometimes he would allow us to sing and sing we did – little tunes and longer ones.

This tune is the Cow Keeper’s Tune. We learnt it while he taught us about Edvard Grieg. Over 20 years later I do not remember much about Edvard Grieg but I do remember our music teacher describing Norway and the beautiful Fjords.



I love this tune.

Come cows to the sound of my calling, the night draws on the day is done Come cows for the shadows are falling, I call you one by one

Come Daisy, come Maisy, come Buttercup, Marigold, beautiful Sue, Come Milky and Silky and Flowering May, come you, come you.


We used to walk into assembly every morning to this. The sun shining through the assembly hall windows, the polished wooden floors, I could almost cry at the memory. We walked in straight and tall with our heads held high. Hmm, it’s a shame that I can barely manage that now!

Jonah Man Jazz

We also sang this at school  in our music lessons – I doubt if we sounded as angelic as this! I always used to wonder what a pineapple tree looked like…


Treasure Island

One Christmas (1983 – I think), I received a tape audiobook and book of Treasure Island. I cannot tell you how many times I read and listened to that story. The thing that stuck the most was the tune in the background. In my first or second year at university I decided I wanted to know who wrote the music. I did not have a clue where to start – it was before the days of prolific internet use – so I went to the HMV close to my university and asked the guy working in the classical music section. I was so surprised that when I uttered the words Treasure Island he knew exactly what I was talking about. I bought the CD and left the store a happy woman.

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