labouring under a misapprehension

Be Here Now

Learning to live in the present.


Not being too sentimental about the past and worrying about a future that is yet to come.


I was listing to music at work today – it helps me focus when writing reports. There is a constant through put of traffic in my office, as it serves as notes storage and home for the departmental fridge. This as you can imagine is completely distracting and off-putting so a bit of music helps concentrate the mind.

The music sets off emotions and feeling that are on the whole good but sometimes bring wistfulness and longings  about my path in life.  I was listening to Oasis – ‘Be Here Now’ – released in August 1997 – almost 19 years ago. And while tapping away at the keyboard I was taken back to my student days when I would listen to music all day everyday  – it helped me study (yes it worked – I got a first class degree that year) but at the time it also made me think about how the future was going to be better than the present time I was experiencing. For some reason I was not fully enjoying the present but constantly thinking about how things would be different later. And irony – while I was listening to this album in 2016 on sunny afternoon Thursday,   I was thinking about how I was not fully enjoying the present because in the past things were so much better.


I am a strange creature.


I need to remember to enjoy the present moment. I have come far and I will go far but I need to be here now.




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