Reset and recharge

The weekend is slowly drawing to a close and I have somehow been blessed enough to spend most of it my pyjamas! I have not set foot outside that flat and I feel slightly more normal as a result.

I am sipping on a cup of Pukka tea – organic oat flower, lavender & lime flower. It seems somewhat pretentious but it is surprisingly nice. Today has been ‘wedding planning day’ which entails amougst many things looking at shoes, filling the paperwork for the civil ceremony and choosing songs and readings that reflect us both (no easy feat!). It is tiring but because it is ultimately for something beautiful and I am so happy that I get to have this experience, I simply cannot complain.

There is not much time left and therefore I trying not to panic – this is supposed to be fun!


Yesterday I spent a bit of time reading about food

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food



I found a book on my shelf that I had purchased from the The Book People  last year.

Healing foods

It got me really thinking about the food that I am eating everyday and the effect that it has on my mind and body. Like most things – it did not tell me anything that I did not already know. However it did make think about organic food more seriously. I have always viewed it with a cynical twist of my lips especially when my fiancé would talk about all the benefits. However because he does the shopping I have been eating nothing but organic fruit, vegetables, meat, yoghurt, milk, sugar and honey for months. I am now open to thinking more about organic food apart from the shocking price. The book also got me thinking about different types of milk, flour and rice I could use. I shall carefully explore because I still have a whole cupboard and fridge full of the semi-skinned and the refined stuff which still needs using up.

I did a bit of cooking myself salad and my fiancé cooked vegetable mincemeat sauce with orzo. Very nice.

The bathroom has been dark for a week and I decided on Saturday afternoon to change the lightbulb.  I realised that these long lasting lightbulbs really do last until they don’t! It turns out that actually one of the lightbulbs had fallen out of it’s socket and I realised that I had not changed a lightbulb in the past 10 years.

And so another week rolls on…

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