These reports won’t write themselves

That was a strange one…

I had this plan to get up early, get into the office early and finish my reports. But I woke up feeling yuck (again!) and therefore got up at the normal time. I finished work on time and finished the reports that I wanted to complete.

But something is not quite right. I am not sure why I am feeling so yucky. I thought I had recovered. I even went to the gym yesterday and did 5K on the cross trainer and running machine. I was completely drained afterwards – so perhaps it was not the smartest thing to do. I weighed myself this morning and it seems that I have put on 3kg since starting work. 3kg! I am shocked.

I am trying breakdown what has happened and I think it is a combination of the early waking and poor sleeping habits; eating snacks in the early evening and then eating dinner. The eating of snacks – is related the feelings of extreme stress and mild hunger that I feel at the end of the working day. I have a terrible craving for high fat, sugar, salt and calorie food and I am very bad at resisting this craving. Once I have eaten this food – I feel so much better – for a few hours but I guess the damage is done! I was not of course doing this during my 2 weeks of annual leave – when I was eating healthy food regularly, I was sleeping better, I was more active and I was happier and less stressed.


So what is the answer?

Obviously – I need to work; but I need to work smarter. I need cultivate a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. I need to do it now. I am almost 40 and my body is not getting any younger.

Well – there is  book I am going to read…

Adios – for now.



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