And then on some days one just feels yuck!  

I am lying on the sofa – with an irritating cough and overwhelming  feeling of fatigue. For some reason I am completely drained! I cannot understand it. I have been back at work for almost two weeks now and I have been trying to make sure I arrive early and leave on time. I have been relatively successful in this persuit. Yet still, I feel like I feel when I have stayed at work until 8pm – exhausted and completely demoralised. I am not sure what is going on here. 

These have been my companion for the day. But I really dislike them! I hate the sweetness and I am not sure they make a great deal of difference. 

My head continues to pound intermittently, my legs feel shakey and at times I feel like there is a great weight on my chest. And I am just so tired! My eyelids feel leaden and my thoughts are like fog. 

I have no fever, runny nose or achy joints. My appetite is unchanged. But my throat is so itchy – I am scratching at the skin on my neck and unsurprisingly it is having no effect. 
I wonder how long this yuckiness will last for…

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