Happy New Year

Hello – it is the first day of 2016.

Yes. It is 2016 already – I was just getting used to it being 2015 and now it has gone. Well they do say that time flies when you are having fun. Was 2015 fun? Was I having fun? I am sure it was. I am I was. There were of course many challenging moments.

So the point is to look forward now.

This is ANOTHER new blog. The previous two incarnations have reached a natural expiry. They had their purpose and now I feel that I have nothing more to add. So even though I am still the same person taping away at the keyboard – I felt compelled to start something new. Why is that?

And what will be the focus of this blog? Much the same as all the others. My thoughts unsolicted or not – pumped out into the ether. These days my thoughts centre around wedding planning and there is not much time and space for anything else. However I think writing about everything else will help maintain my sanity!

I might also use the blog to reignite my love of photography. Of late I have been taking pictues with my little Canon point and shoot while my other Canon dSLR languishes in it’s camera box. Again – I am so busy that I have not had the time to relax and enjoy to luxury of just roaming free with my camera in hand. In fairness another reason why the other camera lies unused is because I have somehow rendered the lens unsuable and therefore I am left with my 50mm lens which I need to learn how to use.

I look forward expressing myself, exploring my mind and the world.

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